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Orchestrate Omnichannel Journeys

And Optimize Every Engagement

Data Integration, Inbound Customer Engagement, Journey Orchestration & Outbound Omnichannel Personalization

Actionable customer profiles that learn & adapt from all data sources

Integrate customer data from everywhere consumers engage, from the moment they discover your company right up to when they transact, collect and enrich data from every touchpoint on every channel for a real-time customer profile.

Create a holistic view for every customer by unifying disparate identifiers and profile information from all online and offline systems.

Manage consumers unknown and known identities and deliver one-to-many experiences to anonymous states and one-to-one personalization to identified states.

Understand inbound customer engagement across all channels & data sources

Integrate data from a wide array of sources to build a robust customer context and profile to deliver more personalized experiences from all channel behaviors.

Easily enrich profiles with business data from any data source using built-in connectors for popular platforms, custom APIs or batch transfers.

Manage data sources via a marketer friendly interface to reduce overhead and accelerate time to value.

Orchestrate personalised communications across even the most complex of journeys.

Coordinate experiences across all interaction points in a centralised, easy to use, marketer friendly tool. Manage the consumer lifecycle journey from acquisition to consideration, conversion, retention and advocacy.

Manage journeys as they cross multiple devices and channels and as consumer move from digital to physical interactions points.Future proof journey orchestration for emerging channels such as chatbot, voice, internet of things.

Harmonise consumer journeys and business processes by orchestrating back office workflows and processes. Enhance employee experiences and journeys, by integrating business systems to streamline efficiency and increase governance with journey orchestration.

Trigger advanced journeys from online & offline customer events & behaviours

React instantly to all customer events or actions and trigger orchestrated journeys across all channels.

Time-series events capture consumer behavior at every online and offline interaction in the moment.

Build a picture of your customers at every stage of the consumer journey to enable smart decisions at the right time.

Marketer friendly omni-channel journey orchestration and execution

An easy-to-use interface facilitates the creation and management of customer journeys across all digital and physical touchpoints.

Create and deliver personalized, one to one responsive content experiences to all channels and devices.

Predictive insights further optimize the customer journey via intelligent decisioning and offer management.

Dynamic journeys driven by reactive real-time decisions

Dynamic and event based to help brands react to real-time signals as well as connect those interactions with scheduled campaigns so the right decisions can be made about what communications to send a customer, when and through what channels.

Connect online and offline behaviors while co-ordinating physical and digital touchpoints.

Intelligently determine the next best interaction with scale, speed, and flexibility across the entire customer journey.

Considered journeys across the entire enterprise, for millions of individuals

Centralize and mange all customer journeys across the entire enterprise from a single, application. Tailor every journey for every individual consumer, ensuring every communiation is personal and relevant.

Create considered, unified and relevant journeys across all stages of the customer lifecycle for every indvidual consumer.

Manage omnichannel campaigns across all digital devices and channels and extend journies in to physical screens, touchpoints, harmonizing all online and offline interactions.

Leverage all digital channels to engage customers throughout the brand experience

Easily create and manage messaging across email, SMS, push notification, web, and mobile in-app, including emerging channels such as voice, connected TV, mobile automotive and more.

Synchronize messaging across every touchpoint to maximize cut through, or tailor every communication to every device or channel. Create sequenced messaging to manage consumer lifecycle stages and ensure your customers receive the right message, at the right time, in the right place.

Personalized experiences that adapt to customer behavior in real time

Every tailored journey is executed with personalized communications, including relevant messaging, content and media assets. Scale personalized communications to every consumer with templates, reusable components and A.I.

Content is optimized for every device and channel to maximize deliverability and readability. A/B testing of body content, subject line and send time further enhances deliverability and cut-though.

Ensure your message is delivered and consumed in opted-in channels of preference.

Dynamically tailor message content to delvier personalized content that reacts in real-time

Use artificial intelligence, machine learning or rules based offer decisioning to determine the best experience and scale personalization to every consumer.

On-the-fly dynamic messaging creates one to one personalized experiences or scale to multiple audiences using segment based content targeting.

Intelligent offer decisioning selects next best offer based on real-time customer behavior.

Easily create, edit and manage content for all channels using the built-in no code editor

Author communications using the visual editor, no coding required, to speed time to market while reducing development time.

Scale content for the entire customer journey by creating, edit and manage content and communications across every interaction, all from an easy to use interface.

Modern digital asset management fuels content velocity by connecting sources of content directly to channels of execution. Easily integrate and manage content repository to find the right content at your finger tips.

Modern digital asset management fuels content velocity by connecting sources of content directly to channels of execution

Centralized offers deliver consistent and relevant content across all messages. Extensible across enterprise content and data applications.

Orchestrate coordinated, consistent, and data-driven experiences by mapping the user's profile to across all interaction points, devices and channels.

Enhance every communication with real-time performance insights and reporting

Monitor the performance of every message, across every channel, in the moment as they are delivered, opened and clicked.

Understand message performance to optimize deliverability while maximizing views and clicks.

Take action to ensure every message is personalized and engaging.

A complete customer view for a more complete customer journey

Utilize real-time data business intelligence and performance insights to proactively optimize every step of the customer journey.

Easy to use dashboards with customizable widgets provide at a glance reporting via visualizations that update in real-time.

Interactively understand performance and pro-actively optimize every consumer interaction across the entire enterprise.

B2B and B2C readiness built-in with open, flexible and standardized data formats

Ingest data agnostically from all online and offline data sources in real-time, using API first or batch transfer methods.

Data is managed and validated in a structured, open and customizable format, introducing semantics to your data fields that help enable automated workflows and governance.

Create, query and manipulate raw data using standards such as SQL. Meet additional use cases with support for B2B account-based and B2C people-based schemas out of the box.

With Adobe Journey Optimizer, you can manage scheduled omnichannel campaigns for all interactions, channels and touchpoints creating one-to-one moments for millions of customers from a single application.

Adobe Journey Optimizer combines a unified, real-time customer profile, an API-first open framework, centralized offer decisioning, and artificial intelligence for orchestration and personalization of enterprise customer journeys.

Adobe Journey Optimizer is a standalone solution built natively on the Adobe Experience Platform

Adobe Journey Optimizer is built on Adobe Experience Platform and natively intergates with Adobe's Real-time Customer Data Platform and Customer Journey Analytics solutions to further enhance enterprise experience capability.

Adobe Experience Platform is the foundation of an integrated application service and data ecosystem for real-time connectivity of insights and data actionability across the entire enterprise.

Adobe Experience Platform is the foundation of an integrated application service and data ecosystem for real-time connectivity of insights and data actionability across the entire enterprise.

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